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Exclusive Members Offer:

•Same-day spending of HKD 2600, customers can enjoy a single discount and become a permanent member immediately. 

•Customers can enjoy 15% off discount and become a permanent member if you spend more than HKD 5000. 

Our members can enjoy permanent 15% off discount and priority order processing service.

•Accumulate consumption of HKD 8800, can be upgraded to platinum membership to enjoy 20% off discount and birthday month can receive the special birthday gifts from our shop by appointment.



·單次消費滿HKD 2600可即時享折迎新優惠



·累積消費滿HKD 4000



·累積消費滿HKD 8800,



Terms and Conditions:

1. Change of style and color is not acceptable after purchase.

2. Flowers are naturally different, all products are unique and the actual product varies from that shown in the catalog/photo reference or sample display. 

3. Floral designers maybe will replace suitable for the different season with flowers.

4. Preserved flowers are the real flower after special treatment, don't need to pour water, avoid damp and the sun can be saved for 1-2 years or more.


5. Lafit florist co. reserve the right of final decision.

Thank you for loving LAFIT Flowers.

No products will be accepted for

refund/exchange once the orders have been placed!

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